accounting services Vancouver


Accountants at Gray & Associates provide creative solutions to your accounting problems within the guidelines established by various regulating bodies across Vancouver, BC.

From taxation to consulting, below are the accounting services that we provide:


    Our Consulting service includes

    • Business startup, purchase or sale;
    • Equipment acquisition, sale or lease;
    • Real estate acquisition or sale;
    • Project planning;
    • Incorporation planning.

    Our Accounting service includes

    • Review Engagement financial statements;
    • Compilation financial statements;
    • Bookkeeping adjustments and assistance;
    • Consolidation and deconsolidation;
    • Software recommendations;
    • Payroll assistance.

    Our Taxation service includes

    • Corporate income tax return services;
    • Personal income tax return services;
    • Estate and trust tax return services;
    • Income tax planning;
    • Information slip preparation services (T4, T5, T5013, T5018 etc);
    • Corporate (re)organization planning;
    • Personal and estate tax planning.