The Gray & Associates Difference

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The Gray & Associates Difference

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About Gray & Associates

Gray and & Associates is a team of Chartered Professional Accountants that specialize in providing accounting, taxation and consulting services to individuals, owner-managed businesses, and their families.

We are currently seven employees and partners, and our office is located in North Vancouver, B.C. We serve across Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, including North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Whistler, Abbotsford, Squamish, Chilliwack.

We began providing our services twenty-five years ago, and though we’re now a mature business, we are still growing steadily year on year. 

The Gray & Associates Difference

At Gray & Associates, we treat all our customers equally and consider all of them important. We value each client as an individual, which is why at Gray & Associates, you can speak with the partners directly.

What makes us second to none is our service, tax and accounting knowledge. We listen to our clients and use our expertise to come up with practical solutions to any problems that arise. We take great pride in advising clients on how to build their businesses and seeing their dreams come to fruition years later.

Our perception of the future is to eliminate the need for intensive bookkeeping. We believe that as all data is now digital, OCR (optical character recognition) technology will eventually render much of the manual bookkeeping process redundant much like the manual telephone switches of the 1900’s.

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